3 Ways To Take A Screenshot On Your Realme Phone

Taking Screenshots on Your Realme Smartphone: A Comprehensive Guide

Capturing screenshots is a fundamental function on any smartphone, and Realme devices offer multiple ways to achieve this. This guide will explore all the methods available on your Realme phone, ensuring you can snag that perfect screen image whenever needed.

How to take screenshots on realme smartphones - Android Authority
How to take screenshots on realme smartphones – Android Authority

Using the Physical Buttons (The Classic Method)

This is the most common and straightforward approach to taking screenshots on a Realme phone. It follows the standard Android button combination:

realme UI Tips & Tricks : Three Finger Screenshot - realme Community
realme UI Tips & Tricks : Three Finger Screenshot – realme Community

1. Locate the Power button and the Volume Down button on your Realme device. These buttons are typically positioned on the right side of the phone.
2. Press and hold both buttons simultaneously for a brief moment. You’ll hear a shutter sound or see a screen flicker, indicating a successful screenshot capture.

  • Finding Your Screenshot:
  • realme UI Tips & Tricks : Three Finger Screenshot - realme Community
    realme UI Tips & Tricks : Three Finger Screenshot – realme Community

    After capturing the screenshot, you’ll usually see a preview thumbnail appear on the bottom left corner of your screen. Tapping on this thumbnail allows you to edit or share the screenshot directly.

    Alternatively, your screenshots are automatically saved in your phone’s Gallery app. Navigate to the Gallery and look for the “Screenshots” album to find your captured images.

    Utilizing the Three-Finger Swipe Gesture (A Modern Approach)

    Realme offers a gesture-based method for taking screenshots, providing a more fluid and convenient option:

    1. Head over to your phone’s Settings menu.
    2. Scroll down and locate the Convenience Tools section.
    3. Within Convenience Tools, tap on Gestures & motions.
    4. Search for the option labeled Three-finger Swipe Down or similar wording.
    5. Toggle the switch on to activate this gesture.

    Now, whenever you want to capture a screenshot, simply:

    1. Swipe down across your screen with three fingers simultaneously.
    2. You might see a short animation or hear a sound, signifying the screenshot capture.

    Similar to the button method, a preview thumbnail will appear briefly, allowing you to edit or share the screenshot. The captured image will also be saved in the Gallery app under the “Screenshots” album.

  • Bonus Feature: Three-Finger Touch and Hold for Selective Screenshots
  • Realme provides an additional function within the three-finger gesture that enables you to capture only a specific portion of your screen:

    1. Ensure you have enabled the Three-finger Swipe Down gesture as mentioned earlier.
    2. Locate the area of the screen you wish to capture.
    3. Place three fingers on the screen and hold them for a moment. You might see a slight delay.
    4. A selection box will appear, outlining the area your fingers are covering.
    5. You can now drag the edges of the selection box to adjust the capture area precisely.
    6. Once satisfied with the selection, tap the checkmark icon to capture the screenshot of that specific area.

    This method offers more control over what you capture, ideal for situations where you only need a specific section of the screen.

    Additional Tips and Considerations

    Customize Button Screenshot Settings: While the button combination for screenshots is standard, some Realme models might allow you to customize this behavior in the Settings menu. Explore the “Button settings” or similar options to see if you can adjust the button combination for screenshots.

  • Screenshot Notifications: You might encounter a setting to enable or disable screenshot capture notifications. This notification briefly appears on your screen after taking a screenshot. You can adjust this preference in the Settings menu under the “Sounds & vibration” or “Notifications” sections depending on your Realme model.

  • By mastering these methods, you’ll be equipped to capture screenshots on your Realme phone effortlessly, whether you prefer the traditional button approach or the more modern gesture-based methods.

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