Download WhatsApp Statuses On Your Realme 8: No Third-Party Apps Needed!

In today’s fast-paced world, WhatsApp statuses have become a popular way to share quick updates, funny moments, or creative snippets with friends and family. But what if you see a status you absolutely love and want to keep it beyond the 24-hour window? Fear not, Realme 8 user, because there are two easy methods to download those disappearing WhatsApp statuses directly to your phone!

Unveiling the Hidden Folder: Using File Manager

Save a Whatsapp Status in your Phone with This Trick! - realme
Save a Whatsapp Status in your Phone with This Trick! – realme

The first method utilizes your phone’s built-in file manager app. While WhatsApp stores status files temporarily, we can access and save them before they vanish. Here’s how:

1. Open the Intrigue: Begin by opening WhatsApp and ensure you’ve viewed the status you want to download. This ensures the file is created on your device.

Save a Whatsapp Status in your Phone with This Trick! - realme
Save a Whatsapp Status in your Phone with This Trick! – realme

2. File Manager Frenzy: Next, head over to your Realme 8’s file manager application. This app is typically pre-installed and named “Files” or “File Manager.”

3. Unveiling the Hidden: Most file manager apps, by default, hide system folders to prevent accidental deletion. To access the WhatsApp status folder, you’ll need to enable the “show hidden files” option within the app’s settings. This option’s location may vary slightly depending on your specific file manager app.

Save a Whatsapp Status in your Phone with This Trick! - realme
Save a Whatsapp Status in your Phone with This Trick! – realme

4. Navigating the Maze: With hidden files revealed, navigate through your phone’s storage. The typical path to reach the WhatsApp status folder is: Internal storage > WhatsApp > Media.

5. Behold! The Secret Stash: Within the “Media” folder, you’ll find a hidden folder named “.Statuses” (notice the leading period before the name). This folder houses all the temporary status files downloaded by WhatsApp.

6. Unearthing the Treasure: Open the “.Statuses” folder, and you’ll see various files named with cryptic alphanumeric codes. These are the actual status media files. Unfortunately, due to their temporary nature, they lack proper extensions like “.jpg” for images or “.mp4” for videos.

7. Identifying Your Prize: Here’s the tricky part: Since the files don’t have extensions, you’ll need to rely on a bit of guesswork to identify the desired status. Look for files around the time you viewed the status. If you’re lucky, there might be only a few files, making it easier to pinpoint the correct one.

8. Moving the Booty: Once you’ve identified the target file, you can either copy or cut it from the “.Statuses” folder. Choose a destination folder where you want to save the downloaded status permanently. We recommend creating a new folder specifically for WhatsApp statuses to keep your storage organized.

9. The Grand Reveal: After copying or cutting the file, navigate to your chosen destination folder and paste it. Now comes the moment of truth! Rename the file by adding the appropriate extension based on the type of status. If it was an image, rename it with “.jpg” at the end, and for videos, use “.mp4.”

10. Victory Dance (Optional): Congratulations! You’ve successfully downloaded the WhatsApp status using your file manager. Now you can access the saved status through your phone’s gallery app or video player, depending on the file type.

Stay tuned for the next section, where we explore a more automated approach using third-party apps!

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