Download WhatsApp Statuses On Your Realme 9 Pro: Two Easy Methods

Downloading WhatsApp Statuses Using File Manager (Built-in)

The Realme 9 Pro, like most Android phones, allows you to access hidden files where WhatsApp stores viewed statuses. This method doesn’t require any additional app downloads, but it does involve navigating through hidden folders. Here’s how to do it:

Save a Whatsapp Status in your Phone with This Trick! - realme
Save a Whatsapp Status in your Phone with This Trick! – realme

1. Open File Manager: Locate and launch the pre-installed File Manager app on your Realme 9 Pro.
2. Show Hidden Files: Access the File Manager settings. This option might be represented by three vertical dots or lines in the top right corner. Once in settings, locate and enable the option labeled “Show hidden files” or similar wording.
3. Navigate to WhatsApp Folder: Now that hidden files are visible, return to the File Manager’s main screen and browse through the folders. Head towards the “Internal storage” folder and then search for the “WhatsApp” folder within it.
4. Find the Statuses Folder: Within the WhatsApp folder, locate a subfolder named “.Statuses” (notice the leading period indicating it’s hidden). This folder stores all the WhatsApp statuses you’ve viewed.
5. Copy and Move Desired Statuses: Open the “.Statuses” folder. Here, you’ll find all the previously viewed statuses in the form of image or video files. Choose the ones you want to save permanently on your phone. Long press on a file to select it, then tap the “Copy” or “Cut” option. Navigate to your desired destination folder (like Pictures or Videos) and tap “Paste” to move the copied status file.

Downloading WhatsApp Statuses Using Third-party App

While the file manager method works well, it might seem inconvenient for some users due to the hidden folder navigation. Thankfully, there are numerous third-party apps available on the Google Play Store designed specifically for downloading WhatsApp statuses. Here’s how to use such an app:

1. Choose and Download App: Visit the Google Play Store and browse for “WhatsApp Status Saver” apps. There are many options available, so pick one with a high rating and positive reviews. Download and install the chosen app.
2. Grant Permissions (Optional): Upon launching the app for the first time, it might request permission to access your storage. Granting this permission allows the app to scan and save WhatsApp statuses.
3. View Statuses in App: Open WhatsApp and view the statuses you want to download. Once viewed, return to the status saver app. Most apps automatically scan for viewed statuses and display them within their interface.
4. Download Statuses: Browse through the statuses displayed in the app. Tap on the ones you want to save, and the app will provide a download option. Select the download option, and the chosen status will be saved to your phone’s storage in a designated folder created by the app.

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