Two Ways To Take A Screenshot On Your Realme 8 Pro

Hello! In the age of digital communication, screenshots have become an essential tool. Whether you’re capturing funny memes, sharing important information, or saving tutorials, taking screenshots allows you to quickly preserve what’s on your screen. If you’re a proud owner of a Realme 8 Pro, you’re in luck! This phone offers multiple ways to capture screenshots, giving you flexibility and convenience.

This article will delve into all the methods available on your Realme 8 Pro for taking screenshots. We’ll cover the classic button combination, explore the handy three-finger gestures, and even explain how to capture long, scrolling content. So, whether you’re a seasoned Realme user or a newcomer, this guide will equip you with the knowledge to screenshot like a pro!

How to Grab Screenshot on REALME  Pro – Take Screen Snapshot
How to Grab Screenshot on REALME Pro – Take Screen Snapshot

Utilizing the Power and Volume Down Buttons

The most traditional method for capturing screenshots involves using a combination of physical buttons. On your Realme 8 Pro, this method is as simple as it gets. Just navigate to the screen you want to capture – it could be a webpage, a conversation, an in-game moment, or anything else. Once you’ve found the perfect screen, press and hold two buttons simultaneously:

How to Take Screenshot on REALME  Pro – Gestures Screenshot Method
How to Take Screenshot on REALME Pro – Gestures Screenshot Method

1. Power Button: Located on the right side of your Realme 8 Pro, the power button is the one you use to lock or turn on your device.
2. Volume Down Button: Situated on the left side of your phone, the volume down button helps decrease the media volume.

With both buttons pressed firmly at the same time, you should hear a shutter sound or see a brief screen animation indicating a successful screenshot capture. Your screenshot will be automatically saved in your phone’s gallery, usually within a designated “Screenshots” folder.

The Magic of Three-Finger Gestures

The Realme 8 Pro goes beyond the standard button method by offering intuitive three-finger gestures for capturing screenshots. These gestures provide a quicker and more effortless way to snag what’s on your screen. Here’s how to enable and use them:

1. Activating Three-Finger Gestures: Head over to your Realme 8 Pro’s Settings menu. Scroll down and locate the “Convenience Tools” section. Within Convenience Tools, you’ll find a submenu for “Gestures & Motions.” Tap on this option.
2. Enabling Three-Finger Screenshot: Inside the Gestures & Motions menu, look for the option labeled “Swipe Down with 3 Fingers to Screenshot.” Toggle the switch beside this option to turn it on.

Now that three-finger gestures are enabled, you can use them to capture screenshots with a simple swipe:

1. Swiping Down with Three Fingers: Navigate to the screen you want to capture. Place three fingers anywhere on the screen (ideally, spread out comfortably) and swipe down firmly with all three fingers in a single, smooth motion.
2. Screenshot Confirmation: Upon swiping down, you should see a brief animation or hear a shutter sound, indicating a successful screenshot. Your screenshot will be stored in your gallery.

Capturing Scrollable Content: The Power of Three Fingers (Again!)

While the standard screenshot methods capture what’s currently visible on your screen, there are situations where you might want to capture a longer webpage, conversation thread, or document that scrolls vertically. This is where the three-finger magic comes in once again, but with a slight twist.

1. Activating Scrolling Screenshot: The process for enabling scrolling screenshots is similar to activating regular three-finger screenshots. Go to Settings > Convenience Tools > Gestures & Motions.
2. Three-Finger Hold for Scrolling Screenshot: Look for the option labeled “3-Finger Hold for Scrolling Screenshot” and enable the toggle switch beside it.

Here’s how to capture a scrolling screenshot using the three-finger hold gesture:

1. Three-Finger Hold: Navigate to the scrollable content you want to capture. Place three fingers anywhere on the screen and hold them firmly in place. You should see a selection marquee appear around your fingers.
2. Scrolling and Capturing: While holding your fingers down, scroll down (or up) on the screen to capture the entire content. The selection marquee will adjust accordingly.

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