Two Ways To Take Screenshots On Your Realme Pad

Taking Screenshots on Your Realme Pad: A Comprehensive Guide

Capturing screenshots on your Realme Pad is a breeze, and there are multiple methods to achieve this depending on your preference. This guide will delve into all the available techniques, ensuring you can snag that perfect screen image whenever needed.

How to Take Screenshots without Buttons on Realme Pad – Screen Capture
How to Take Screenshots without Buttons on Realme Pad – Screen Capture

1. The Classic Button Combo

This method is familiar to many Android users. Here’s how to take a screenshot using the buttons:

How to Take Screenshot on REALME Pad – Capture Screen
How to Take Screenshot on REALME Pad – Capture Screen

1. Navigate to the screen you want to capture.
2. Simultaneously press and hold the Power button and the Volume Down button. You’ll hear a shutter sound or see a brief screen flicker, indicating a successful screenshot.
3. The captured image will appear momentarily at the bottom of your screen. You can tap on it to edit or share directly.

  • Note: Ensure the “Three-finger Screenshot” function (explained later) is disabled if it accidentally interferes with this method.
  • 2. Three-Finger Swipe for Convenience

    For a more gesture-based approach, Realme Pad offers a three-finger swipe shortcut. Here’s how to use it:

    1. Open the screen you want to capture.
    2. Swipe down across the screen with three fingers simultaneously. A swift and smooth motion is recommended.
    3. Similar to the button method, you’ll see a confirmation and the screenshot preview at the bottom.

  • Enabling Three-Finger Screenshot (Optional):
  • 1. Go to Settings > Additional Settings.
    2. Tap on Screenshot.
    3. Toggle on the switch for Three-finger Swipe Down.

  • Customization Tip: You can further customize the three-finger screenshot behavior in this menu. Choose to hold your fingers for a brief moment after swiping for a capture confirmation or disable the animation altogether.
  • 3. Long Screenshots for Scrolling Content (Android 11 and Above)

    If you need to capture an entire webpage or conversation extending beyond a single screen, the Long Screenshot feature comes in handy. This functionality is available on Realme Pads running Android 11 or later.

    1. Navigate to the scrollable content you want to capture (like a webpage).
    2. Take a screenshot using either the button combo or the three-finger swipe method.
    3. After the screenshot preview appears at the bottom, tap on Long screenshot.
    4. The Realme Pad will automatically scroll down and capture the entire content in a single long image. You can then crop or edit as needed.

  • Note: This feature might not be available on all apps or for content with infinite scrolling.
  • 4. Bonus Tip: Accessing Your Screenshots

    All your captured screenshots are automatically saved in your Realme Pad’s Gallery app. You can find them within a dedicated “Screenshots” album for easy access.

    By mastering these methods, you’ll have all the tools necessary to capture any screen content on your Realme Pad, from quick snapshots to comprehensive long screenshots. So, go forth and screenshot with confidence!

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