3 Ways To Take A Screenshot On Your Realme C25Y

The Classic Button Combo: Volume Down and Power Button

The most common method for capturing screenshots on Android devices, including the Realme C25Y, utilizes the physical buttons. Navigate to the screen you wish to capture, be it a webpage, an image, or an in-app moment. Then, simultaneously press and hold the Volume Down button and the Power button. You’ll typically hear a shutter sound or see a brief screen animation indicating a successful screenshot capture.

Realme CY How to take screenshot setting - YouTube
Realme CY How to take screenshot setting – YouTube

This method is advantageous for its speed and simplicity. It doesn’t require navigating through menus or activating additional settings. It’s ideal for quick captures when you need to preserve something on your screen instantly.

Three-Finger Swipe: A Gesture for the Modern User

Realme CY How To Active  Fingers Screenshot
Realme CY How To Active Fingers Screenshot

For a more contemporary approach, the Realme C25Y allows you to capture screenshots using a three-finger swipe gesture. This method eliminates the need for physical buttons, making it suitable for situations where using buttons might be inconvenient. To activate the three-finger swipe gesture, navigate to your Realme C25Y’s Settings menu.

Within Settings, locate the “Convenience gestures” section. Depending on your Realme UI version, the specific menu navigation might vary slightly. Look for options like “Smart & convenient gestures” or “Gesture control.” Once you find the gesture settings, locate the option for “Three-finger Screenshot.” Toggle the switch to enable this feature.

Now, on any screen you wish to capture, swipe down firmly with three fingers across your display. You’ll see the familiar screenshot animation or hear a shutter sound, signifying a successful capture. This method offers a convenient and intuitive way to take screenshots, especially for users who prefer gesture-based controls.

Notification Panel: A Discreet Approach

The Realme C25Y’s notification panel offers a discreet way to capture screenshots. This method is beneficial when you don’t want to interrupt your current activity or use gestures. To utilize this method, swipe down from the top of your screen to reveal the notification panel.

Within the notification panel, you might see a “Screenshot” shortcut icon readily available. If not, you can customize the notification panel to include this option. Look for an “Edit” button within the notification panel. Tapping this button will allow you to rearrange and add icons for quick access features. Locate the “Screenshot” icon and drag it to the notification panel for easy access in the future.

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