2 Ways To Take Screenshots On Your Realme Phone

Using Buttons: The Classic Method

The most common method for taking screenshots across various devices, including realme phones, involves using a combination of physical buttons. On your realme phone, press and hold the power button and the volume down button simultaneously. You’ll typically hear a shutter sound or see a screen animation indicating a successful screenshot capture.

How to take screenshots on realme smartphones - Android Authority
How to take screenshots on realme smartphones – Android Authority

This method is reliable and straightforward, making it suitable for quick captures. The captured screenshot will be saved automatically in your phone’s gallery, usually within a designated “Screenshots” folder.

Three-Finger Swipe: A Convenient Gesture

For a more convenient and one-handed approach, realme phones offer a three-finger swipe gesture for capturing screenshots. However, this feature might be disabled by default. To enable it, navigate to your phone’s Settings app and then proceed to “Convenience Tools” or “Gestures & Motions” (depending on your realme phone model). Locate the option for “Three-finger Screenshot” and enable the toggle.

Once enabled, simply swipe down on your phone’s screen with three fingers simultaneously. Similar to the button method, you’ll receive a capture confirmation, and the screenshot will be saved in your gallery.

Three-Finger Touch and Hold: For Selective Screenshots

While the three-finger swipe captures your entire screen, realme phones provide another three-finger gesture specifically for capturing partial screenshots. This method is ideal for situations where you only want to capture a specific portion of your display.

Navigate to your phone’s settings as mentioned earlier and enable the “Three-finger Touch & Hold” option within the gesture settings. With this feature enabled, touch the screen with three fingers and hold them for a moment. You’ll see a marquee highlighting the capture area. You can then adjust the selection area using your fingers and tap the checkmark icon to capture the selected portion. This method offers more flexibility when capturing specific content on your screen.

Taking Scrolling Screenshots: Capturing the Whole Story

Sometimes, the content you want to capture extends beyond a single screen, such as a lengthy webpage or a conversation thread. With realme phones, you can capture scrolling screenshots to grab the entire content. There are two main methods to achieve this.

The first method involves taking a screenshot using one of the methods mentioned earlier. After capturing the initial screenshot, you’ll usually see a scrolling screenshot option appear briefly on your screen. Tapping this option will automatically capture the remaining content below the initial screenshot, creating a continuous image.

The second method leverages the built-in screenshot editor. After taking a screenshot using any method, access the screenshot preview or notification. You’ll typically find a “Long screenshot” or “Scroll capture” option within the editing tools. Tap on this option, and your phone will automatically scroll down and capture the remaining content, stitching it together into a single long screenshot.

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