!Capture Everything: How To Take Long Screenshots On Your Realme Phone!

Taking Long Screenshots on Your Realme Phone

Capturing lengthy content on your Realme phone screen can be a breeze. Whether you want to snag a full webpage, a lengthy social media post, or a chat conversation, there are a couple of methods available depending on your Realme UI version.

Take a Long Scrolling Screenshot in Oppo/Realme [ColorOS]
Take a Long Scrolling Screenshot in Oppo/Realme [ColorOS]

Using the Three-Finger Swipe Gesture (Realme UI 2.0 and Above)

1. Enable Three-Finger Gestures: Head over to your Settings app and navigate to “Gestures & Motions.” Locate the “Three-Finger Screenshot” option and toggle it on.

2. Capture and Scroll: Open the scrollable content you want to capture. Swipe down firmly on your screen with three fingers. This will take a screenshot and display a preview at the bottom.

3. Initiate Scrolling Screenshot: In the screenshot preview, tap the “Scroll” icon. The screen will begin scrolling down automatically.

4. Stop Scrolling and Save: Once the scrolling reaches the desired content, tap the screen again to stop. You can also use the “Save” button to finalize the long screenshot.

Using Button Combination and Scroll Option (All Realme UI Versions)

1. Capture Standard Screenshot: Press and hold the Power button and the Volume Down button simultaneously. This will capture a regular screenshot of the visible screen area.

2. Access Scrolling Option: After capturing the screenshot, a preview will appear at the bottom of your screen. Look for the “Scroll” option beside the editing tools.

3. Capture Scrollable Content: Tap the “Scroll” option. The screen will start scrolling down automatically.

4. Stop Scrolling and Save: Similar to the three-finger method, tap the screen or the “Save” button when you’ve captured the desired content.

  • Additional Tips:
  • Landscape Orientation: For some webpages or apps, tilting your phone to landscape mode before taking the screenshot might help capture more content in the initial screenshot, reducing the amount of scrolling needed.

  • Editing and Sharing: After capturing your long screenshot, you can use the editing tools displayed in the preview to crop, edit, or share the image directly through various apps.

  • By following these methods, you can effortlessly capture long screenshots on your Realme phone and share lengthy content with ease.

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