Two Ways To Take A Screenshot On Your Realme Phone

Taking Screenshots with Buttons: The Classic Method

The most common way to take screenshots on most smartphones, including Realme devices, is by utilizing a combination of physical buttons. This method is familiar and straightforward, making it a great option for those comfortable with traditional approaches.

realme UI Tips & Tricks : Three Finger Screenshot - realme Community
realme UI Tips & Tricks : Three Finger Screenshot – realme Community

To capture a screenshot using buttons on your Realme phone, simply locate the power button and the volume down button. These buttons are usually positioned on the right side of your phone. Once you’ve identified them, press and hold both buttons simultaneously for a brief moment. You’ll typically hear a shutter sound or see a screen flicker, indicating a successful screenshot capture.

Locating Your Screenshot

After capturing a screenshot using the button combination, you might wonder where it’s saved on your phone. Realme stores screenshots in your phone’s gallery by default. You can access the gallery app pre-installed on your Realme device to find your screenshot. The screenshot should be placed chronologically within your gallery, making it easy to locate.

Sharing Your Screenshot

Once you’ve captured and located your screenshot, you can easily share it with friends, family, or on social media platforms. Open the screenshot in your gallery app. Most gallery apps provide a share button that allows you to choose your preferred sharing method. You can share the screenshot via messaging apps, email, social media, or any other app that supports image sharing.

Taking a Partial Screenshot

While capturing a full-screen screenshot is often useful, there might be situations where you only want to grab a specific portion of your display. Luckily, Realme offers a built-in feature for taking partial screenshots, allowing you to capture only the relevant area of your screen.

Enabling Three-Finger Screenshot Gesture

To enable partial screenshots on your Realme phone, you’ll need to activate the three-finger screenshot gesture. This gesture involves swiping down on the screen with three fingers simultaneously. To activate it, navigate to your phone’s Settings app and then locate the “Convenience Tools” section. Within Convenience Tools, look for the option titled “Gestures & motions.” Once you find it, toggle the switch for “Three-finger Touch & hold screenshot” to the “On” position.

Using the Three-Finger Screenshot Gesture

With the three-finger screenshot gesture enabled, you can now capture partial screenshots on your Realme phone. Simply navigate to the screen content you want to capture. Place three fingers on your phone’s display and hold them firmly for a brief moment. You’ll see a marquee or selection box appear on your screen, indicating the area that will be captured in the screenshot.

Adjusting the Partial Screenshot Area

The beauty of the three-finger screenshot gesture lies in its customization options. While holding your three fingers on the screen, you can adjust the selection box to precisely capture the desired area. Simply drag the edges of the selection box to include or exclude specific portions of the screen.

Capturing and Sharing the Partial Screenshot

Once you’ve adjusted the selection box to your liking, lift your fingers from the screen. Your Realme phone will capture a screenshot of the designated area. You’ll see a preview of the partial screenshot, similar to capturing a full screenshot with buttons. From the preview, you can share the screenshot or edit it further using the editing tools provided.

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